Counting Blessings in the Facebook Age

Coronado, California, 1976:

A certain 9 year-old, after some random, bedtime vexation:  “…but I can’t sleep NOW, Kiki!”

Kiki:  “Count your blessings one by one, and sleep will find you.”

I’m about to go all sappy on you, my darling friends and family, so buckle up…;)

Just a note to say how grateful I am for you:  your courage, humor, kindness, strength, support, goodness, and all-’round bad-a**edness.  How often have your words, photos, messages, and witticisms — your very existence — uplifted me?  COUNTLESS times.  Golly.  The mind boggles.

The word “blessing” gets thrown around a lot — this is not a bad thing, for as Kiki would say, “count[ing] your blessings” is a helpful and often powerful way to navigate through life.  But since I’m an inveterate English teacher and (like Kiki) a vocabulary nut, I’d like to take a moment to look at one of Webster’s definitions of “blessing”:  “a thing conducive to happiness or welfare.”

“A thing conducive to happiness or welfare”:  what better way to describe a friend or family member?  You all are MOST conducive to my happiness and welfare, and I get a wee bit verklempt at the thought of just how conducive to my well-being all my friends and family have been and continue to be.

One of the nice things about Facebook and other social media is the myriad opportunities they provide for appreciating our loved ones.  Sometimes, though, I feel that among all the shout-outs, holla-backs, “likes,” comments, tweets, and links, the deep, awe-inspiring power of a friend or family member’s love gets glossed over just a touch.

So, I’m taking this moment to say how deeply I feel and appreciate the truly extraordinary power and blessings that emanate from you, simply because of who are and how you choose to share your love, humor, and goodness.

Thank you all SO much.


Below is one of my favorites, first given to me by an amazing friend of 27 years, Susan Shircliff Hemmes:



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