Why I Write This

Kiki's third grandchild, circa 1974.

My late grandmother, “Kiki,” is my inspiration here.  A consummate lady, she knew how to do everything well and gracefully.  Many’s the time a friend has called to ask how to get out a wine stain, address a wedding invitation, or make the best use of a good cotton ball — my store of Kiki-based wisdom has always come to the rescue.  As one ever-so-clever friend put it when we were contemplating how to get a wad of gum off my denim-clad derriere, “What would Kiki do?”

[Male readers who may fear that the information herein will confine itself to topics appropriate for sewing circles, coffee klatches, and/or confabs in front of ladies’ room mirrors: have no fear.  There will be good stuff for you too.]

A writer, teacher, coach, style junkie, and inveterate collector of non-revenue-producing knowledge, I’ve accrued enough tips, tricks, and trivia to last three lifetimes.  How I know all this stuff remains a mystery, lost somewhere in the mists of my first awareness of Kiki’s endless excellence.  Friends have encouraged me to share this information for years, and I’m finally heeding the call.  A teacher must teach, I suppose.  Though this blog will focus mainly on “Tips & Tricks for Better Living,” don’t be surprised if other, seemingly random reflections sneak in — I inherited my grandmother’s boundless curiosity and penchant for sharing information of all stripes.  Call it the “Kiki Effect.”  If you must.

The fine print:  I am not a doctor, lawyer, accountant, astronaut, or any other profession that requires a degree other than the Master’s in English I currently and unjustly-low-income-earningly possess.  Any information, advice, tips, tricks, or other marginalia that I offer is based on what I’ve seen, heard, read, or done.  I never offer things that haven’t worked for me or someone I can rely upon, but (perhaps obviously) you follow my advice (and this blog) at your own risk.  Now, let’s get back to having fun, shall we?


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